Odor Control System

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Odor Control System

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. are top leading expert in the development and manufacturing since 2004 of odor control misting systems and environmental conscientious odor control formulations. During years of research and development and multiple acquisitions of industry formulators, Cloud Tech at the present proudly offers the industry’s most inclusive line of odor control products.

This include more than 60 different patented and proprietary formulations, as well as Air Solution odor neutralizers and reactants for atomizing, fogging and misting systems. With industry leading hydraulic, pneumatic and mist delivery systems, Air Streamed, Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. is able of providing cost effectual and comfortable solutions to almost any odor problems. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. and it’s overseas partners are well positioned to provide site assessment, installation and on-going service wherever nuisance odors occur.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. with its partners has developed into a line of industry unique odor control products with tens of thousands of satisfied clients in waste, wastewater, food processing and chemical industries. Working in co-operation with government, industry and research organizations, Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. remains passionate about their commitment to quality, safety and the ongoing development of unique environmentally responsible technologies.

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Reduce odors and related complaints from open or enclosed headworks by misting/fogging AirSolution products at the inflow, grit removal and screening areas.

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Sludge Handling

Suppress odor generation from sludge storage and processing areas using BioStreme micronutrient formulations. Neutralize airborne odors by misting/fogging AirSolution around tanks, loading area, dewatering and storage sites.

Service 3

Lift Stations

Wet wells and collection systems create a unique set of odor control requirements. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of neutralizers, reactants and biological odor suppressants to meet the specific odorcontrol needs of these systems.

Service 4


Perimeter misting with AirSolution can negate malodors before they leave your site. BioStreme 201 improves biological processes in tanks & facultative lagoons. BioStreme 222 Pond X binds & settles nuisance odor molecules in static lagoons or ponds.

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Selected products for the waste water industry.

Odor Neutralizers and Reactants

Engineered odor control solutions for atomizing/fogging/misting applications.

AirSolution # 115 : A highly concentrated broad spectrum odor neutralizer proven effective for a wide range of wastewater odors. Contains a blend of two unique AirSolution formulations for enhanced performance and cost efficiency.
AirSolution # 9149 : Developed specifically to combat odors from composting and sludges. Cost effective and highly concentrated for large area applications.
AirSolution # 9312 : For hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other organic sulfur based compounds. Applicable for large environmental sites such as wastewater treatment systems, oil processing and fermentation lagoons.
AirSolution # 9304 : The premier formulation for wastewater treatment. AirSolution # 9304 (Phantom 4) is a patented formula that has been used in countless applications to combat a wide range of wastewater odors. Available in concentrate and super concentrate.
AirSolution # H310 : Designed to reduce H2S levels in airborne applications. Used as an additive to other AirSolution formulations. Reacts with low level hydrogen sulphide (up to 10 ppm). Safe to use, handle and store.
AirSolution # A320 : Designed to reduce NH3 levels in airborne applications. Used as an additive to other AirSolution formulations. Reacts with low level ammonia (up to 20 ppm). Safe to use, handle and store.

(-over 60 different AirSolution formulations are available. Please contact your local representative for assistance with selecting the appropriate formulation(s) for your application.)

Odor Suppressants and Additives

Micronutrient based formulations for suppressing odor generation from biological processes.

BioStreme # 101 : Selected micronutrients and organic additives combined to enhance biological processes and reduce odor generation from composting operations. May be incorporated into the compost and feedstock or applied directly to the surface of the piles and windrows.
BioStreme # 111 : A concentrated blend of micronutrients and odor neutralizers for topical applications onto surfaces or waste materials producing odors. The dual action provides immediate relief and long term odor control.
BioStreme # 111F : Similar to BioStreme 111 but also includes a powerful foaming agent to provide enhanced coverage and contact time. May be applied using AirStreme foaming equipment. Excellent for use on aerated lagoons and ponds for immediate odor control. Simple and cost effective.
BioStreme # 201 : Engineered micronutrient blend specifically designed to enhance microbial activity of wastewater treatment processes. Stimulates growth and reproduction of beneficial non-odor producing facultative bacteria. Reduces bacterial stress and generation of odors from a variety of wastewaters.
BioStreme # 222 : Proprietary blend of metal salts and organic additives for the precipitation of sulfide ions in wastewaters. Cost effectively reduces total suspended solids and odor generation in wastewater ponds and lagoons.

Automated Misting Systems

A wide range of atomizing/fogging/misting systems and other application equipment for dispensing or applying AirSolution and BioStreme formulations.

CTEC60- M : Mid pressure (200 psi) misting systems for commercial and light industrial applications. Includes a technologically advanced programmable timer with user interface and multiple inputs to handle a wide variety of operational requirements. For applications up to 50 nozzles.
CTEC60 : High pressure (1000 psi) misting systems for industrial applications. Rugged and durable with easily programmable functions, low level shut off and continuous duty motor with cooling fans for extended operation in harsh environments. For applications up to 150 nozzles.
CTEC100 : Professional Series High pressure (1000 psi) misting/fogging system. Includes premium components, customizable programming features and integrated stainless steel stand. High performance, dependable, accurate and effective. Ideal for large areas and perimeters up to 300 nozzles.