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Frequently Asked Questions

A misting system is specific system designed for creating mist by emitting water through high pressurized pump.

It uses only around 80% of energy as compared to that of air conditioner and lowers your electricity bills significantly.

It is used in many areas including flowerbeds, livestock, kennels, odour control, zoos, insect control, pets, veterinary clinics and many more.

A perfect Misting System from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. can reduce temperature from 15 to 20°C.

First, before using or installing any system from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd., read the instructions and details thoroughly. For any query or doubt you can ask experts at Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.

At Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd., we provide advanced fogging solutions for open restaurants, parks, gardens, resorts, parties, lawns etc. among others.

Fogging System from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. comes with additional support services. You can avail full service for creating outdoor cooling environment at the restaurant, bars, clubs, homes, factories, medical laboratories etc. among others.

Every fogging system from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. comes with attached booklet containing instructions and guidelines to use the product effectively. You are also provided safety data sheet to protect yourself from any untoward situation.

The size of the fog particles from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. ranges from nearly invisible (7-10 (Micron Diameter) to the intermediate size (approx 15-20 microns).

A misting fan is essential to create cooling effect in the atmosphere. A misting fan blows out water mist into the air. It has widespread usage in outdoor dry and warm environment. Apart from that it is also used in office to create cooling effects during summer. Many people also use it in storage and go-downs where they have to maintain cooling atmosphere.

You are totally safe from getting wet. Specifically designed fogging system prevents you from getting wet as long as you are safe from water as long as you stand less than 6 feet.

All the fogging systems from Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. come with attached filters. However, in case you need additional options you can use it at your own choice.

There are no any such high requirements. However, for ensuring working life of the system it is feasible that you keep the system clean and dust free. Replacement of filters (if worn out), is done to ensure increased performance.

Company provides time bound warranty on selected products. However, attractive discounts are also available on bulk orders.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. designs and manufacture its humidification system using carefully selected components. Our technical office with more than 8 years acquired experience, can design personalized system to satisfy any special needs in the Humidification sector.

Zero Maintenance.

There are many different variables associated with the proper design and installation of misting system. The exact application, the needed benefits, and the conditions present at the system location will determine what design is required. Our technical support staffs are trained in all aspects and uses of misting systems and can assist in designing a system that fits the needs of any misting application.