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Dust Suppression system India

Dust controlling is one of the most difficult and costly tasks. It requires efficient strategies to by apply at the manufacturing, agricultural or industrial site. Advanced Dust Suppression System from Cloud Tech creates environment of ultra-fine water fogging at the desired place. At Cloud Tech, we also take pride in offering odour neutralizing solutions.

Cloud Tech develops highly efficient Dust Suppression System well capable of eliminating dust particles from the desired place at residential or commercial premise. Dust suppression systems are heavily used in materials handling industry such as coal industry. A lot of coal is produced during transfer of coal from one place to another. This is here that highest amount of dust is introduced in the air.

Dust Suppression system

Nozzles from Could Tech create water across the area where dust is gathering. After coming in contact with water, dust particles are absorbed therein. Hollow cone spray patterns are created over the area and these are fitted in the manifold manner.

Industrial Dust Separator Solutions

Our high performing ranges of dust/fog suppression system, mist dust controlling system it is well capable of diminishing dust particles from the atmosphere. Advanced Dust Suppression System by Cloud Tech, works with help of nozzles that enable the system to work efficiently.


High Pressure Dust Suppression System

In high press dust controlling system the liquid is supplied to the nozzles under intense pressure. The systems have a regulator for controlling fluid delivery. In-built filters and liquids strainer ensure that only fresh water is allowed to be pass through the system. Sensors and solenoid valves maintain operations of controlling system with the help of various hardware assemblies.

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