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Most Common Questions about Smog Control Tower Answered

What is a smog tower and how does it work?

Smog towers are structures, designed to process 1,000 cubic meters of air per second. The number of cubic meters can vary depending on the requirements. Smog control towers are made to work as a large-scale air purifier and can be fitted with several layers of air filters to clean air pollutants as it passes through them. They come equipped with environment-friendly and patented positive ionization technology that has the ability to clean 30,000 m3 of ambient air every hour. The estimated energy consumption can be 1400 watts. The structure of the tower sucks in the air from the top and runs it through the filters followed by pushing them out from the bottom with the help of large fans.

Are smog towers effective?

Yes, smog towers are very effective as they control pollution in the air. They are the equipment used to reduce air pollution particles in the atmosphere and make air worth breathing. Smog towers can be planted in open spaces or files to eliminate pollution. Depending on the design, an area of pollution of 1,600 m2 around can be removed. Smog towers are a visible solution to control air pollution and filter outdoor air effectively.

Where is a Smog Control Tower Installed?

Typically, smog towers are very helpful for places where the level of smog for people and animals is too much to live. They are perfect for the areas where smog causes difficulty in breathing. To plant a smog tower, open public places like gardens where people gather is the most favorable site. There is no requirement for any special enclosure of its power source because these towers are designed to consume very less electricity.

Which Is the Best Smog Control Tower Manufacturer?

Cloud Tech is one of the award-winning companies that manufacturers, supplies, and installs smog control towers. Established in 2005, the company is popularly known to be a leading environmental management firm in India for delivering high-quality environments and refreshing solutions. The company incorporates advanced methods and offers innovative solutions based on the latest technologies to control air pollution. The smog control tower manufactured by Cloud Tech is useful for diverse requirements of industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.



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