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Dust Control Agent

Soil Hardner And Dust Control Agent

Cloud Tech is the leading manufacturer of dust control chemicals, road dust control chemicals. Soil Hardner is an ecologic agent used to stabilize and solidify any soil or aggregate as well as fine dust dust. Once applied to the soil or aggregate, the copolymer molecules coalesce forming bonds between the soil or aggregate particles, originates with its long, nanoparticle molecular structure that link and cross-link together. As the water dissipates from the soil or aggregate, a durable and water resistant matrix of flexible solid-mass is created. Once cured, it becomes completely transparent, leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched.

Chemical Composition Polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion
Appearance White emulsion
Ph 4-6 •Total
Solids % 50 ±1.0
Viscosity (25°C, Br.) Min 500 cps
Mechanical Stability Excellent
Haul Roads Mines areas Construction sites and roads Unpaved dirt roads Road base and sub base
Storage and stockpiles Power plants Helipads Airport infields.