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Waste Water Mist Evaporator


Cloud Tech wastewater evaporators accelerate this natural process to provide optimal conditions by mechanical enhancement, both by means of the atomisation of water particles into fine molecules through mechanical interference and the propulsion of the water droplets high into the atmosphere to achieve hang time and the direct confluence of dry atmospheric conditions with suspended fine water molecules achieving world leading evaporation efficiencies.

Technology Overview

Our wastewater evaporators are designed to use high volume air input that allows the water to be vaporised into the atmosphere at a high velocity while continually replenishing the evaporation field with low humidity ambient air. This Water Evaporation System uses large orifice spiral vaporising technology for low maintenance and non-fouling operation.

With very large air to water ratio, Cloud Tech’s wastewater evaporators create the perfect conditions for optimal “Flash Evaporation” and are effective even in high humid conditions. Cloud Tech’ Fog cannon is inexpensive to operate, lightweight and compact, movable with off road wheels, the system can be set up in a few hours, quickly providing a safer, more comfortable environment while reducing labour costs.

The Cloud Tech Fog Cannon can be a big money saver. Very high evaporation rate. Very less Operating cost nearly USD 0.30/m3.

Features :-
Strong chassis with off road wheels, more ground clearance, distributed balance for movement at rough terrains Facilitate to tow with tractors or any vehicle.
Cannon can be rotated upto 360 deg easily by single person manually/automatically for effective water evaporation. Very high evaporation rate.
Cannon mounted on heavy duty bearing base for easy rotation with elevating rod. Low plume height.
Panel equipped with all electrical protection for motors.
Genuine long range dust control Low water Consumption Low maintenance Trolley mounted
Waste Water Handling ETP, RO reject. Tailing Dams, Production Water, Rainstrom water Mines water
Waste Water Mist Evaporator
Waste Water Mist Evaporator
Waste Water Mist Evaporator

Waste Water Mist Evaporator
Waste Water Mist Evaporator
Waste Water Mist Evaporator