Salient Features of Humidification System for Tea Industries

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Salient Features of Humidification System for Tea Industries

Adequate humidification is important for maintaining the homeostasis of the airway. And maintaining a high humidity in the factory for moisture loss from the cut tea leaves is essential. To maintain the heat and moisture humidification system for tea industries conserve some of the exhaled water, and return them to inspired gas. Many such systems also perform bacterial, viral filtration and can prevent the inhalation of small particles.

Importance of Humidification System for Tea Industries

Since a humid climate is good for tea growth in the plantation, the Tea Fermentation Humidifiers are essential. Manufactured with advanced technologies, this system can maintain the right relative humidity level is essential to convert the picked leaves into quality tea during processing.

During fermentation, adequate control of humidity and temperature is extremely important. So, humidifiers can improve the fermentation process, which results in a blacker, more flavourful tea with better liquor qualities and a higher market value.

Tea Fermentation Process

The fermentation process can provide the required conditions for the polyphenols in withered leaves for developing into the theaflavins, thearubigins and other compounds. These compounds can form the flavours and colours of black teas. If the leaves dry, the fermentation process slows down because there are requirements for water for the further process. To maintain fermentation, there is a requirement for an ambient relative humidity of 95-98%RH at 20-26°C. Even a small drop in the humidity level can affect the process. So, the Humidification System plays a very significant role in the Tea Industry.

If the climate in your location cannot be trusted and it badly affects the right conditions, then Industrial Humidification from the best manufacturer in India is proven to provide a consistent and profitable production environment. In the market, humidification system for mushroom plants, textile, cold storage are also available.

 Benefits of Industrial Humidification

The benefits of industrial Humidification are manifold.

  • A quality system guarantees high humidity (95-98%) for fermentation irrespective of the outdoor conditions
  • It maintains moisture throughout the floor and trays fermentation rooms
  • It ensures consistent RH in CTC fermentation
  • The humidification system leads to reduced leaf spotting and discoloration
  • It ensures higher yield and minimized waste
  • Pre-fermentation humidification reduces drying of broken edges


When you look for a humidification system for tea industries, consider points like Effective Cooling without wetting, large spraying volume, long-term use, Fresh air intake, 100% aerification, Water and air mixed atomization, and so on.

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