Things to Consider before Buying a Pollution Air Purifier

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Things to Consider before Buying a Pollution Air Purifier

We all know air pollution is harmful to human beings. Air pollution is related to various health issues such as asthma, breathing problems, allergies, throat irritation, burning eyes, and lung cancer as well. In the metropolitan cities of India, the increased levels of air pollutants can affect people living both in the long and short run. It is not just outdoor air pollution from running industries and vehicles, indoor pollution is extremely harmful. The air indoors is two to five times more harmful than the air outside which is the largest single environmental health risk, according to the World Health Forum of World Bank.

To protect your family from air pollution risks, an easy solution is to improve indoor air quality. Remove the pollutant sources and ventilate with fresh air and clean the outdoors. The none-other method is more efficient than room air purifiers. Taking a pollution air purifier sounds like a better option. 

What can air purifiers do?

Clean air strengthens our lungs, improves blood circulation, and boosts heartbeat, and other health systems. It is possible if the air inside your home is pure. The pollution air purifier is designed to filter the air and reduce indoor pollution by filtering smoke, dust, and pollen from the air. Before buying an air purifier there are certain factors you must consider include:

  1. The purifier should be the right fit for the room space and the coverage area
  2. Choose a HEPA filter that can reduce 99.9% of particles which can as small as 0.3 microns
  3. Buy higher grade HEPA filters ranging from H11-H14, higher number, a higher retention rate of pollutants
  4. Avoid Ozone based air purifiers. It definitely kills viruses but produces Ozone gas which is harmful to humans and can affect the respiratory system and eyes.
  5. Look for the higher CADR rating, It measures the speed of both the amount of clean airflow and particle removal efficiency


In addition, look for customer service and warranty, because every air purifier needs to be changed after 12 to 18 months of service. Good customer service sounds very quick and easy to replace.

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