Sprinkler Dust Suppression System

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Sprinkler Dust Suppression System


The Sprinkler System for Dust Suppression is basically designed to prevent liftoff of Dust from stockpiles and roads. Water Spray over the Stockpile area is produced by sufficient number of sprinklers suitably installed in a ring manner to cover the entire projected area of the Stock Pile/Roads. The Sprinklers are swivelling type with the provision of change in the swiveling angle as well as angle of nozzle from the horizontal. The sprinklers break up the water into small droplets simulating natural rainfall. Each Sprinkler is control by a flow activation system having the facility to operate the sprinkler in a pre-determined duration. The water sprayed on the Stockpile will wet the material and prevent lift off of Dust due to wind etc.

For a complex material handling system there is need of utilizing a combination of the above system. Since our Organization manufactures all kinds of Dust Suppression Systems, we are in a unique position to offer a comprehensive solution to Dust Suppression needs of Material Handling System and match and optimize the dust control requirements and process needs.

Application Field :-

Stock yard, Hall road, and berth in the sea port including open store/Covered store and PG Test is not applicable for the system due to open execution