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Innovative Disinfection and Sanitization Solutions

Careful cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces are important to stay healthy. However, traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices are hardly effective these days when a dreadful virus, like coronavirus, has put life in danger. So, industries and many government entities are incorporating innovative disinfection and sanitization solutions to protect our environment from air pollution, water pollution as well as the coronavirus pandemic. The popular solutions are the following:

Anti Smog Gun

Anti smog gun is one of the technologies being used for reducing air pollution that is generally caused by the tiny particles present in the air. This special smog gun is connected with a water tank mounted on a vehicle to spray water. It works by converting water into a spray with droplets of  50-100 microns. This binds dust and other particulate matter, carrying them down to the ground, thereby reducing air pollution. A good quality anti-smog gun is supposed to spray water up to the height of 150 feet. It has the capacity of spring 30-100 liters of water every minute. We present the best smog control tower.

Wastewater Evaporators

Wastewater evaporators are other innovative disinfection & sanitization solutions. This system uses high-volume and vaporizes water into the atmosphere at a high velocity. At the same time, it replenishes the evaporation field with reduced humidity ambient air. This kind of machine creates a perfect atmosphere. They are lightweight and compact and can be easily moved from one place to another.

Odor Control System

Odor coming out of industrial and manufacturing facilities has a crucial impact on health and the environment. That’s why many industries are using Odor Control Systems. This is a type of machine that is designed to give perfect industrial odor control solution by treading bad smells and providing fresh air. This innovative machine protects our environment from various insects and rodents and kills germs, including viruses, molds, and so on. What else? An odor control system can eliminate harmful gas that contributes to the increased pollution levels in the environment.

Misting System

Misting System is one of the most prominent machines used for heat management, air cleanliness, and insect repellent. It can drop the temperature - even lower than conventional AC. It is designed to remove impurities from the air. These impurities could be pollen and dust particles that are harmful to our health. In addition, the system also kills active adult mosquitoes, flies, bees, and other pollinator larvae.

Bottom Line

Cloud Tech is the brand providing one of the best sanitizing spray machine. All the above systems are perfect options when it comes to Innovative disinfection & sanitization solutions. They can be used in factories, hospitals, parks, public places, construction sites, and other areas to make the atmosphere free from pollution and create a healthy environment.


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