Plain Water Dust Suppression System

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Plain Water Dust Suppression System


The main principle of the System is to wet the material by a fine spray of Water so that the dust particles are made to impinge and adhere to the water droplets. The material is thus kept damp/wet, immobilizing the dust particles preventing them from becoming air borne. The system offered by us has the following salient features as compared to other comparable systems:

Application Field :-

All hopper, wagon tippler, Truck tippler, etc and open area including conveyor transfer point under open enclosure.


The System offered by us operates at a pressure of 4.5-5.0 Bar as compared to other available Systems operating at 3.5-4.0 Bar. The high pressure System ensures superfine spray, enabling a greater penetration and effective particle encapsulation and consequently better Dust Suppression.


For trouble free operation of the system and to ensure fine and consistent quality of spray, the system offered by us has two stages of filtration.

Stage–I - A Duplex Strainer is provided in the inlet service water line at the Pump House to remove suspended particles exceeding 100 microns.

Stage–II- Each Flow Activation Station (Solenoid Box) is provided with a Y-Strainer to filter any particles that may be deposited in the pipeline between the Pump House and the Flow Activation Stations.